An Objections Story

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What is an Objections Story?

The simplest way to think of an Objection Story is that it starts with the objection and then takes the audience on a journey to a new way of thinking.

There is an age-old proven sales strategy that’s known for being particularly effective at overcoming objections. This technique works so well because it leverages several storytelling principles.

The technique is called Feel, Felt, Found. The premise is to start by restating that you understand how the other person is feeling, then bring in an example of somebody else who has also felt that way, and then end with what you’ve found worked well for them.

For example, if your clients often have an issue with your preference to tell stories over including a ton of facts and figures, the Feel, Felt, Found strategy could sound something like this:

“I understand Mrs Client that you feel that story may not be the best way to approach this project. We did a campaign launch for a large nonprofit that really needed to ensure what we created delivered results, and they too felt that story might not be the right approach with so much riding on the piece. However, what we found was that by intentionally creating a story, we could connect their audience to the cause in a much more emotional way— and they ended up exceeding their 36-mo fundraising goal inside the first year!”

In many ways, the Objections Story works much like Feel, Felt, Found. You want to make sure you’re identifying the objection, and then take them on a journey of somebody overcoming that objection to achieve great results.

Through the story itself, they feel this new way of thinking, and you’ve got a much greater chance that they’ll change their position.

Stupid. Just Stupid. An Objections Story told by Siouxsie Alarcon. from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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