The Origin Story

This is an excerpt from the Muse Storytelling Blog. Please go to for more great posts, tips and tools on cinematic storytelling. This article was written by Patrick Moreau and published on January 17, 2018 at Muse Storytelling. All rights to this post belong to Muse Storytelling.

Everything about Stillmotion Video is fantastic and team has done it again! They are releasing a 7 part blog series on the different types of story. Beginning with The Origin Story. To read all the wonderful details go to:

What is an Origin Story?

The origin story–the story of how a business, idea, product, or service came to be–is one of the most common, and most powerful, types of stories we can tell.

It’s a story that every storyteller should be familiar with because many of your clients can benefit from having a strong origin story created for them. And you need to be able to tell your own origin story to really build trust and create a connection to your own brand.

Why Tell An Origin Story?

Well, a few reasons. First off, there are way too many choices out there. Buying anything from Ketchup to getting your lawn mowed presents you with dozens of different options. Nearly every option will have their own marketing spin and it is hard to know what you can trust.

An Origin Story shares how something came to life, and in doing so, it lets the audience connect with the people behind the something. This type of story builds trust, confidence, and an emotional connection to the brand.

The Origin Story is less about teaching or imparting knowledge, and much more about taking the audience on an inspiring journey that leads the audience to believe in the people.

A powerful facet of the Origin Story is that nobody can take yours.

While we might share a similar vision, other companies can have a similar impact, and we may have the same values–how you brought something to life has much more originality to it. And that originality is a powerful way for the company to stand out and create a unique connection.

The Origin Story of Muse from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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